Unable to make keycommand: " shift+num_" if NumLock is on

This is messing up my ability to make some key commands. Doing any key command with ‘shift’ in front of a number on the keypad does not work if NumLock is on. But any other combination, such as Alt or Ctrl in front of a number on the keypad is fine, no matter if NumLock is on or off.

Is this a bug or is there something I’m missing on this? I really want to make a series of Shift+num key commands.


That’s the same for me… With Num Lock ON, Shift isn’t applied to the key combination. I checked this in the Key Commands window where it tells you the keys you’ve pressed. Maybe its the way the keyboard is handled by windows???


I can’t seem to find anything about Windows ‘shift+num’ with numlock on being an issue. Would love to know what is going on, that is a nice series of shortcuts we can’t use with numlock on, and to have to turn numlock off really means you don’t have much of a shortcut any more! Gotta have numlock on so you can always quickly type in numbers for a lot of different parameters.

Very odd, I’d sure like to know what is going on with that.