Unable to move audio or midi

Hi guys

I am unsure if I disabled something or unticked a feature somewhere, but recently I have been unable to movie midi clips or audio around in the arrange window. Last night I was trying to drag audio from one channel to another and it wouldn’t move. I also created a new midi clip and tried to move it to the right and it also wouldn’t move. :question:
It’s as if it’s locked into place or something. The lock to the left isn’t enabled and I can’t find anything that mentions lock midi / Audio in place.
Does anyone know what the crack is here?



There are two locks. There is the Lock of the track, you can find it in the list of Track controls. And there is the Lock of the event. You can find it in the Info View.

Also make sure, the track is not Frozen, or disabled.

I created a new project and the same thing is happening. Could this setting be applied to global settings?

Can you post a screenshot?

yes ill do that when i get home.

Cubase works in Mysterious ways. for some reason the problem has disappeared :question: