Unable to open after updating to Windows 11

So I upgraded my laptop to Windows 11 from Windows 10 few days ago, and tried to open my Cubase LE AI today but it says “No valid license found. The program will quit now”, with the “Start License Activation” button, so I clicked on it and it asked for my activation code.

I logged in my Steinberg account, went to “Redeem Download Access Code” to get my activation code, but after I entered it says “Download Access Code is already consumed by another user. Please contact your local support team.”

How do I fix this? Please help me :’(

You got to go into your account and register your new elicense because it’s not going to be the same one. Then Steinberg will give you a new download number for you cubase.

Or you most deactivate you old license and after activate again on you account