Unable to open any projects

I recently needed to do a full system wipe and reinstall on my Mac, and as part of that I needed to reinstall Dorico 4. However in attempting to use it today I discovered that while Dorico will open I cannot actually open a project past it automatically switching to the guided introduction and then nearly immediately crashing. This is on built in projects and my own. So I’m not sure what is going on here but any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I will attach the Diagnostics I was able to create.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (573.3 KB)

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with Dorico having rebuilt your Mac. When Dorico crashes, please try going to Activity Monitor and look for the “VST Audio Engine” process (which is a separate process to Dorico itself), and if you see it there, please click the circled X button in the Activity Monitor toolbar to quit it. Then try restarting Dorico: do things come back up properly?

If that still doesn’t help, could you please try temporarily removing the MIDI input devices connected to your system, and then see if that allows Dorico to start up and successfully open your projects?

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your reply. The VST quit didn’t help, but the disconnecting MIDI devices did. I unplugged my Yamaha MIDI digital piano and Dorico is now opening projects just fine. It seems to be linked to a failing USB hub that the MIDI keyboard was connected to. When I moved the keyboard to a different Hub/port that is known working Dorico has been working just fine. So thank your help Daniel! I think the issues is resolved!

Thank goodness for that! Thanks for closing the loop and letting us know you’re up and running.