Unable to open Dorico 2 project in Dorico 3.

I’m running 64-bit Windows 10 Pro.

Just installed Dorico 3. When I attempt to open my score, I see the expected “This project was created in version 2.2.10 of Dorico. It will be automatically updated to the current version.” Fine, I click the “OK” button.

Conversion reaches 60%, then poof, Dorico 3 vanishes, never to return. I check the Windows task manager, and Dorico is nowhere to be found. This happens every time.

I’ve just tried opening Dorico 2 (with the intention of loading the project, just as a sanity check), which was running fine earlier, and now that won’t run. Apparently, it times out waiting for the audio engine to initialize.

Couple of observations, don’t know whether these are relevant:

  • I have not bothered to install Sounds for Dorico Pro 3, since I’m using other sample libraries exclusively.
  • I’m seeing elsewhere in this forum that the Play VST is problematic for Dorico 3. My score uses EWQLSO samples, which of course employ the Play 6 interface.

When Dorico 3 itself crashes, the audio engine process is often left behind (and vice versa), since the two applications are separate. You can’t run Dorico 3 and Dorico 2 at the same time because their audio engines can’t run at the same time. If you go to Activity Monitor or Process Explorer and find and terminate the VSTAudioEngine3 process, you’ll be able to start Dorico 2 or indeed Dorico 3 again.

Could you please attach or send to me the project that’s causing the crash? I’m aware of two different problems that can cause Dorico 3 to crash when opening projects created in an earlier version, which we will of course fix as a matter of high priority, but I need to see whether or not your project exhibits either of these problems or something else.

Thanks for the reminder about manually whacking the audio engine process. :bulb:

I’ve sent you a private message with a link to the Dorico 2 project file.

I can’t open 2 projects In new Dorico 3.1. It’s probably because I used “<>” simbol in tablature to mark harmonics. Can you help me please?

Welcome to the forum, AntonioEC. Please send your projects to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll gladly take a look for you.