Unable to open dorico 3.5 or 4

Since yesterday, I am unable to open both dorico 3.5 and 4. Cubase 11 opens without issue.
When I look into the application log, here’s what I get:

2022-03-11 13:32:01.443 [info] Dorico 4.0.0 build 1026 (Jan 5 2022)
2022-03-11 13:32:01.445 [info] Initializing Printer Services
2022-03-11 13:32:01.451 [info] Initializing Core Services
2022-03-11 13:32:01.457 [info] Initializing Cached File Provider

It’s the same when I look into the log for dorico 3.5 but than with Dorico 3.5 in the first line…
Rebooted a couple of times, doesn’t seem to work.

Please have a look at Dorico does not start [no splash screen] - #18 by PaulWalmsley
Does that maybe help?

Thanks, removing the temp dir fixed it.
Thanks for the link to that topic!

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