Unable to open dorico until I reboot

I often notice that I cannot open Dorico until I reboot my machine. Not sure why this is… I assume it’s something to do with audio drivers… I use the focusrite scarlett solo and have the latest drivers.

I also notice it happens when I first use Cubase, close cubase and then try to open Dorico. That usually fails and I have to reboot.

Attached is a crash dump of the latest occurrenceDorico3.5.exe.38596.dmp (3.3 MB) .

I’m using Dorico 3.5 elements.

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Thanks for the dump file. According to that it falls over while reading in a cache file. Please go to the folder C:\ProgramData\boost_interprocess then there should be a directory with a numeric name that has a single file in it called CachedFileDataProviderManager. Simply delete that whole folder and it should be fine again on the next run. Please try.

Removed those folders and it still crashes.
After I tried, it didn’t create any new folders in the boost_interprocess folder.
Here’s the crashdump from when I started Dorico after I removed the folders mentioned above. Dorico3.5.exe.20052.dmp (3.3 MB)

That’s odd… Then I need to ask my colleagues in London for further advice. Please wait.

Try also removing the boost_interprocess folder, then reboot. I think it could be a problem where Dorico doesn’t have permission to create the directory.