Unable to open earlier paid versions of Dorico or Cubase

I upgraded from Dorico 3.5 to 4 on the day of release and am delighted with the changes—congratulations and thanks to the development team! Also, I am excited to see Anthony’s videos and Lillie’s Dorico 4 manual already up for all to see, even though the manual is understandably less than 100% complete.

However, earlier today I tried to open Dorico 3.5 and got a pop-up saying the system could not locate a valid licence even though my usb elicenser was plugged into the computer. I later discovered that I somehow no longer had the Steinberg eLicenser Control Centre installed in spite of having used it on Cubase Elements 8 and each of Dorico 1, 2, 3 and 3.5 up to earlier this week. So… I downloaded the Control Centre software from the Steinberg site. However, I apparently need an authorization code to confirm that I am a valid paid user of the Cubase and Dorico products. Please send me the required authorization code(s) or otherwise advise what I need to do to regain access to my Steinberg software.

(I realize this is a tremendously busy week for the Dorico team so please understand this request is not urgent - I rarely use Cubase and can get along fine [actually, much better than fine!] with Dorico 4 for now. However, when things slow down a bit, I would like to once again have access to my other Steinberg software.)

Your license codes are in your My Steinberg account. Just log in to find them.

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Thanks, Craig, for your very prompt and helpful advice. I am already back up and running on Dorico 3.5.

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