Unable to open my 10.5 CPR projects

Did some regression test techniques .
Started with 10.5 CPR with project containing VST plugins, AUDIO and MIDI tracks.
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed MIDI tracks
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed VST’s
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed audio tracks
Loaded in C11 succeeded.

Load full 10.5 CPR project and removed audio
Loaded in C11 failed.
Removed the two group channels I had
Loaded in C11 succeded

SO my conclusion is that it’s the audio tracks that causes the crash.
MIDI only track projects seem to be OK


What exactly do you mean by “failed”, please? What happens? Any error message?

Sorry for the long delay but I got pissed off with C11 for the time being and reverted back to W7 10.5. That was a year ago. Now, during christmas I’ve updated my hardware to ASUS Z590-P, Intel i7, 32GB RAM and Windows 10. Had to tweak it abit to get Cubase 10.5 to run without too much dropouts. Did the 10.5 to 11 test again and same issues still persist.

I actually had a 10.5 cpr that was stripped of all audio and when I opened it with C11, C11 just closed and disappeared. Not even a process in task manager. I feel all this could be a simple XML schema that isn’t being read correctly. I’m a full stack developer by trade versed in c++, C#, Python, Javascript and kinds of other stuff.

Not seen here and I was running two systems (10.5 and 11) when I first got my new Ryzen a couple of months ago. I was running Cubase 11 Pro on the new PC and 10.5 on the old.
No issues at all swapping projects between the two machines.
I don’t think I’ve seen any other reports of similar issues but obviously could be wrong.