Unable to open old Cubase projects with new soundcard


I’m currently trying to help help a friend with an issue he’s having with cubase 5.1.

He has recently changed soundcard from a M-Audio NRV10 to a Line6 Toneport UX2 as the NRV10 broke.

All his old projects were recorded using the NRV10 and that was the soundcard last specified as the ASIO driver. When he tries to open up Cubase either with an existing project file or just by the dekstop shortcut Cubase crashes at the point when Cubase would normally find/load the soundcard.

Is there any way to change the soundcard cubase is looking for without opeining up cubase.

We have tried to uninstall and re-install Cubase but that didn’t work and there are 40+ projects that we currently can’t open, nevermind that we can’t open up cubase.

Thanks in advance


Open cubase without loading a project and change the ASIO device before loading a project via the File menu.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately even if we try to open Cubase on it’s own rather than as a result of opening an existing project Cubase still crashes just at the point where I believe it is looking for the soundcard. Therefore we’re not able to change the ASIO driver.

Any other ideas? Would removing the preferences somehow work?



More than likely yes.