Unable to paste location of piano roll notes, only score

I was having issues with fanned beams in Dorico for a long time and so it seems that whenever I’ll have to deal with this problem in this software at least - it will take hours if not days of frustration. However, some time ago I managed to find a workaround but forgot how I did that. The project exercise was saved so that to be used later just in case yet - when I am trying to copy and paste the “model” into the piece it wont copy the way notes were placed in the piano roll .
Now - I know the consensus with the company is that one needs to reach the fanned beam fx manually but it is very frustrating and very time taxing.
1). after placing the basic notes you need to change to fanned beam - easy enough though - but it goes only to 1/32 so I guess one needs to draw a line there…
2). Simply creating this structure is not enough for in music - notes needs to symbolize time values - so one must move all the notes in the structure to achieve a visual time reflecting notation of the sound, itis not very convenient to do in Dorico’s Engrave mode…
3). Now one still gets only a raw of 1/16s / 1/8s, placements of each note needs to be changes in the piano roll to imitate somewhat the clean musical fanned beam fx. but a true clean fx is not so easy to achieve.
4). Than after a model was created I was surprised to discover that I can’t for some reason copy it from one project to another, notes will be copied but not their placings in piano roll… , very frustrating.
Now I have tried to imitate fanned beams with 3lts, with dotted notes also with moving of the sounding notes in key editor - all is very very time consuming and a good result is very hard to come by.

=> For now I’d like to know why it wont copy the placing of the notes in the key editor but only the notes themselves.

Are you missing hidden tuplets to squeeze the notes into the desired time-space? If you hid the tuplets and turned off signposts, this would prevent copying successfully until you restore and include the signposts in your selection.

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Hello Derek and thanks for your reply.
Because I can’t relate to the notations what I am trying to do is to copy directly from the Key Editor these rectangles. I have actually tried also the fanned beam in itself but I haven’t seen any signpost… now you say it is hidden - I’ll check. - thanks very much.

P.s. maybe I have foynd sone guidance that can help:

DEREK You were absolutely correct. There were hidden signposts on the fanned beam that didn’t cross through. Once I unhide and selected them with all else through the page view it all came out very well. Thanks so much for your help.