Unable to Purchase Upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to 4

When I try to purchase an upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to 4 through the Steinberg website, I never receive a confirmation page; only a blank page with no information (see attached image). This is after I enter all of the necessary information and press the purchase button. The upgrade just remains in my cart. This happens in both Safari and Chrome. Does anyone know how to actually purchase this upgrade?

Welcome to the forum, Joseph. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had problems making a purchase. I’ve contacted my colleagues who know about the online shop to ask them if they’re aware of any issues that would cause this to happen, and I’ll come back to you as soon as I can.

Hey Joseph, I’m sorry that it doesn’t work. To understand your problem, we need the so-called SCT ID from your web session. Can you display the source code of the page and search there for “SCT” (e.g. <!-- SCT: 1190749713 -->). Please send me the ID. Thanks, Jonas