Unable to re-Activate cuase 9 LE with e-Licencer

So i try to re-active my Cubase 9 LE , i managed to re-activate it before and now somehow the Cubase request to reactivate it .
so i go to to the software e-Licencer and get the code from registration i copy the serial number and past it to the Steinberg site where you re-activate the software and get new code

i receive in this site the next error :

" This e-Licenser number has already been registered by another user "
*** i have the last version of e-Licenser *** i tried to reinstall it still same issue

when i try to maintenance the software or repair i receive the next error

  • i have the last version of e-Licenser *
  • i uninstall all cubase software and e-Licenser and installed again *

    i sent mails to Steinberg opened ticket no response… worst customer service i had ever seen!

worst way to re-active software , i dont know whey they still use this stuiped mechanism of serial licences .

can anyone assist ?

Hi and welcome,

To me it looks like you are logged in with different credentials than you are using for the Cubase LE 9 license.