Unable to re-activate cubase 9.5 elements education license

Hey there, so I was in process of changing pc’s, so I wanted to reactivate my cubase elements education license.

Each time when I click reactivate it says no elicenses available to re-activate.
Even though product is activated on my account, and works on my old pc.

When I click re-active it says no supported: https://i.imgur.com/k4pinm9.png

I already re-installed eLicenser on both pc’s re-activated them multiple times through multiple different browsers, but am unable to acitvate it. Also tried activating with the software key of cubase given before, but it stil didn’t work.

When I try to activate my elicenser this happens: https://i.imgur.com/qCBdn4p.png It says it got activated and shows one product in empty has been added.

ANy ideas on how to resolve this?

Is the Soft-eLicenser registered?

Please contact Steinberg support through your MySteinberg.