Unable to Re-activate LE9

I’ve been going in circles on Steinberg’s website for an hour, and have been unable to reactivate my copy of Cubase LE 9. I installed it recently (successfully, usable with no errors), but then reformatted the PC today and had to install LE 9 again. Upon installation, I met with these problems:

  1. eLicenser says my key has already been registered, but Cubase LE 9 says that I am not registered and takes me back to eLicenser to activate it. (I already have one Soft-eLicense entry that didn’t specify what software it is for, but evidently LE 9 didn’t recognize it as a valid one)

  2. Re-activation page in Steinberg “My Products” tells me I have no products that I can choose to reactivate. At the same time, I can’t pretend it’s a new product activation because it just brings me back to problem 1.

I have no clue what Steinberg’s idea of a “Support ticket” is, but apparently even after clicking that button on their site I still can’t find any means to contact their support staff to ask them to just send a re-activation manually because I have the Download Access Code in front of me right now and I can never use my Cubase LE 9 again until they do that.

So here I’m hoping i) support staff sees this post and gets back to me, ii) someone could point me towards how to find support staff and get help (believe me, I’ve tried), or iii) hopefully there is a more elegant solution for when Steinberg’s Re-activation page insists that there is nothing to re-activate (and that’s not true because I have the serial number on a card in front of me).

Thanks for any advice!

I am having the same issue and have initiated a ticket with their support. Did you ever resolve this issue?

I have the same issue and cannot contact strindberg too!!!
what can we do? I bought cubase elements 9 yesterday night and when i try to register the soft elicenser it tells me that it is registered by another user!!! what the hell???

Any luck?