Unable to reach steinberg support - activating cubase w ilok

Hey guys,

First off I am sorry but have no idea which forum to post this in. I love steinbergs products but am having a terrible time with the website and getting my ilok to work. I am trying to register Cubase with my iLok and then register the hardware device with the website. Any time I try to run Maintenance or registration inside the elicenser control center I get this error.


When I try to contact support the website crashes or times out before even attempting to reach the ‘my Steinberg’ page so I cannot open a support ticket.


I have tried multiple browsers - IE, Firefox, and Chrome. I have tried accessing from various locations and I have tried disabling all virus protection and firewalls. This has been going on for weeks. No idea what is happening or how to resolve it to get my products working. Any help is appreciated at this point.


I have seen several posts today that report the same issue. Apparently the Steinberg servers are down. Sorry.

Here’s one…


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I’m stumped.

How do you use iLock to register with Cubase?

The elicenser yes. But iLock?

You need a ‘Steinberg key’, the so called eLicenser. Cubase doesn’t work with iLok.