Unable to reactivate Cubase 12 elements after Windows reinstallation

Hi everyone.

Unfortunately I reinstalled windows on 3 of my machines which had the Cubase 12 elements installed on. None of the license are working. Is there any way I can get it reinstalled?

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So what correct problem do you have? It would be helpful if you tell us what stops you from activating the software.

Did you already reinstall the software? What does the Activation Manager show?

Sorry, I should have been more specific as to what the issue is.
So when I go to the activation manager on my account, it doesn’t show any software which is either activated or not activated. I don’t have an e-license but 3 license cards with the keys on

What does your online profile show? Do you see the licenses when you login to your Steinberg account and go to your profile?

Cubase 12 doesn’t use the eLicenser anymore and if you had it activated previously the online profile should show you the previous activations. It also allows you to deactivate them so that your new machines can get the licenses.

You can find all kinds of information on the Steinberg support pages

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It sounds like you activated Cubase on a different My Steinberg account than the one you logged into.

Steinberg Licensing does not reuse activation codes, nor do you have to have a new activation code issued as you did with soft eLicenser. You reinstall the software and log Steinberg Activation Manager into the account with the licences you want to use.