Unable to Read-Enable Automation Lane After Unfreeze?

I have an ongoing issue with one of my projects of not being able to “Read Enable” certain Automation Lanes for some VST instrument tracks after unfreezing (the Read/Write buttons are disabled) until I close the project and re-open it – the Read Enable buttons then become accessible once again.

In the one example I’m looking at for this post, there are several “Insert” automation lanes for the VSTi that are okay, it’s only two of the VSTi’s (NI Massive) parameters that are disabled (until Cubase close and project reload).

I have trashed prefs and problem persists.

Anyone else experiencing this? (Tried to do a forum search but did not seem to find this reported yet.)


UPDATE: 1) It happens with any/all VST instruments (there was nothing special about NI Massive). 2) Not only can you restore the disabled Read-Enables by closing Cubase and relaunching, but you can refreeze the track and then unfreeze it to fix the situation, as well. That is, the second unfreeze restores the previously greyed-out Read-Enables to not being greyed-out / disabled anymore. Hope this helps the developers, as I’m pretty sure this is a bug. I’ll try to get more concrete reproducible steps.