unable to read velocity changes

Hi There, I have cubase 4 running on windows XP, currently I have an Arturia Minimmog VST running and have just recorded some piano type sounds, the problem is when I attempt to change the velocity bar to determine how loud or quite a sound should be, nothing happens, the piano sound always plays at the same velocity.

thanks for your suggestions

Are you sure that the actual settings in the Minimoog itself do in fact respond to velocity? (e.g; when you play it live)

there are the sounds that I have played live into cubase via the moog which do not respond to changes in the velosity bar and also the new sounds drawn in with the pencil, they also do not respond to velocity changes.

the sound is the same no matter how high or low the velocty bar is…

Then it is simply that those presets in the Minimoog are not velocity-sensitive (nothing to do with Cubase). Check the velocity settings for that preset in the Modulation Matrix section of the Minimoog’s extended GUI.
Another way to verify… route that MIDI track to a different VSTi, and see how it responds.

thanks Ill try that

This seems to have been the answer for me too. I was using Kontakt player and had a setting on the instrument to read or not read the velocity, but it took some poking around to find it. Thanks for the guidance!