Unable to recall Cubase from taskbar, have to minimize all apps to see it

It hides behind all windows. If I have Cubase open but other apps such as browsers etc, if I click on Cubase in the taskbar, it never comes up. I have to minimize every single window to get to it.

Is this Cubase or Windows issue? I don’t have these problems with other apps, just Cubase. Is there a workaround?

I believe this is unique to Cubase. If you have for instance a browser and Explorer open along with Cubase, you have to click on each of the browser and explorer to activate before clicking on Cubase brings Cubase to the front. Otherwise, Cubase 10 stays in the back. My sense is that this behavior was introduced in 10.5, but I’m really sure.

No, it’s in 10.0. (the one I have). It’s such a major pain. I frequently browse internet while mixing (taking breaks without closing Cubase) and man, is coming back to Cubase is a pain in the

There must be some other factor at play here. I tend to have 4-6 browser windows open when using Cubase (yes I have a browser addiction - don’t even ask about tabs) and it is real easy to completely hide it under browser windows. When that happens all I need to do is click on Cubase in the Taskbar and all the Cubase windows become visible in front of the browsers (alternatively if I hover over Cubase on the Taskbar I can select the specific Cubase window to bring forward). I literally verified this behavior 30sec ago. I have never needed to minimize other windows to bring Cubase to the front.

Perhaps this is related to some Taskbar setting like combining Taskbar buttons, or…?

Nope. Only Cubase ignores taskbar recall. It’s a fresh Windows install, I didn’t tinker with any settings. 5 billion apps work and respond as intended, only Cubase doesn’t. It’s been hapenning since V10 (before that I had 5 which worked ok)