Unable to record from midi VST using Editor

Hi - I’m new to Cubase and this is a basic problem. I’ve created a track using a VST ( I’ve tried HALion and Groove Agent ) and want to use the Editor to input (i.e using my PC keyboard ). How do I load the Editor into the Editor window for the Track that is to be recorded?

Your use of the word “editor” has me a bit confused.
Perhaps this is what you’re looking for?

Thanks for the reply. Once a recording has been made and there are notes in the track, clicking on the track brings up the Key Editor. The problem I have is initially once a track has been created, what loads the Key Editor into the panel marked in the screen shot as 1. This needs to be done before the track can be recorded.

Oh. If you’re going to record, once the recording ends, you’ll see a part in the arrangement window, and in the editor you will see the contents of the part.

By extension, if you just wish to enter events into a part while using the editor, first you have to create a part in the arrangement window. You can:

  • Either use the Draw Tool. Click and drag in the arrangement window next to the track, and a blank part is created.

  • Or set your left and right locators to the desired length, and then double click. A part is again created.

After that, if the Editor Tab is selected in the Lower Zone, you should see the selected part in the Key Editor, blank and ready for input.

Great, that works using both methods, thanks Greg

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