Unable to register Cubase 6.5 (Error Code 1004)

I recently purchased my upgrade from C5 to C6.5. I installed the program and updated my licens on the eLicenserk with the activation code using eLicenser Control Center.

When I start Cubase 6.5 and try to register my upgrade using the online registration I get an error. There seems to be a problem which prevents the information from being transmitted. Error code 1004 is displayed.

I have tried to register with my firewall turned off, but the same error occurred.

When I look at MySteinberg I can see that My license is changed to Cubase 6.5 and the date had been changed to 22-11-2012. Still every time I start up Cubase 6.5 I get prompted to register my product…

Anyone have any suggestions?

Update the elicenser software to the latest version?

Already did that.

Today I received a mail from Steinberg. Since the license server constantly updates the data on an allready registerred eLicenser any change and that eLicenser is automatically stored on the license server. Registration is therefor automatic and needs no further actions.

So I’m good, I will be elligable for the C7 upgrade :slight_smile: