Unable to remove specific bars from a grand stave

Hello there.
In my score I am using 3 staves in a grand staff.

In order to reduce page overload I am trying to remove few bars from the added lower stave.

I don’t want to remove the entire grand staff bars but only those on the lower stave which are actually empty ( I had to put music in these empty bars in order to access them for deletion…)
I have tried the system track deletion, the remove staff command, the shift +b -(x) I have also have tried to select specific bars by adding music in selecting remove stave
but it doesn’t work. Although I am able to delete the entire stave - it cuts through music which I do not wish to delete. I understand it has something to do with how this software chooses to delete the stave… if there is a way to delete specific measures in the grand stave - that’ll be nice.

When you remove a staff, any music later on that staff is still retained in the file. So when you add the staff back at a later point, the entries should reappear.

But a better tool for your purpose is Edit > Notations > Staff > Manual Staff Visibility. This works by adding a system break with visibility settings.

(As you have seen, the system track and the Shift-B popover are for adding and removing bars rather than staves.)

Thanks very much for your comment.
I tried to add the stave back but it didn’t change the way of things so I discarded changes - yet I see the logic in what you are saying.
Will try promptly - thanks again, cheers - Rami.

Also: in Engraving Options > Brackets and Braces > Advanced Options – change the maximum size for the Regular Brace, so it doesn’t change style at b. 20.

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Thanks very much for your comment.
Although I wasn’t able to see anything in the Engraving Options>etc… that relates to my situation - Using the >>“ManualStaffVisability” on Measure 20 - I selected all 3 stave as “show” and then returning to measures 15-19 I selected “hide” for the 3rd bottom stave - and that eventually did the trick… for at 1st it continued to delete the music @ bar 20 … :slight_smile: regardless :slight_smile:
Thank you both so much for your help.
Cheers - Rami.

For reference, these are the options I was referring to.

Dorico has 4 different styles of brace, designed for different ‘stretch’. But for piano music, you don’t want the Large brace style to kick in.

Thanks very much - will check it out.

p.s. is there a way to set the note head to the left / right of the stem?
I saw the F ( flip ) but this flips everything… also the custom centered beam which was helpful but if I want to set specifically few adjacent notes to the left / right of the stem - is there a way to go about?
thanks again for your invaluable help .

Can you show an example? The position of heads to stems is not usually variable.

Have you really crossed those notes to the staff above with N? It looks like the notes still believe they should be stem up rather than stem down.

well In both cases I think that’s what I did … it appears the same in the hand writing… l.h. / r.h. I can try and copy from the previous sport but perhaps there is an easier solution…

If you’d like us to take a closer look, please attach the project and let us know at what bar in which flow the problem can be seen.

can I send it to you like in person? via message?

You might be able to correct that with a Custom Centered Beam, specifying Down stems for the three middle notes.