Unable to remove text

I generated a MusicXML file using PhotoScore and loaded it into Dorico. It worked fine for the most part, but I notice it draws bar numbers as some kind of text object, separately from the normal Dorico bar numbers. Furthermore, I don’t seem to be able to find any way to delete these extra numbers. They select and turn orange, but don’t respond to hitting delete or cut. Interestingly, if I have the bottom panel open and select the numbers, I get the “Time Signatures” properties…odd!! See photo below.


The blue ones are controlled via View > Bar Numbers > Page View/Galley View, and won’t print.

The black ones are the real bar numbers, and can be modified using the options on the Bar Numbers page of Setup > Layout Options (from Setup mode, or shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L).

Thanks Daniel, that makes sense now - I thought it was some weird importing artefact. Cheers!