Unable to replicate percussion map in new project

A while back I created a project that has examples of various percussion instruments and their different techniques. I intended it to be a working model of how I would set up percussion in other projects.

I’ve since created a project with snare added using the default percussion map (which matches how it was created in the “model” project) but I can’t replicate several of the technique.

I’ve attached the “model” project (percussion-test) and the attempt to replicate the snare (snare-test). As far as I can tell and remember, both were created with the same steps but the techniques do not map. One example is for cross-stick (using the X notehead in both).

Is there any obvious or non-obvious mistake that I’ve made?

I appreciate any help,

percussion-test.dorico (548.3 KB)
snare-test.dorico (445.6 KB)