unable to restore WL7 on XP machine after 8 failure

In a thread from a while back, I raised the issue of WL8 not installing on the XP machine that I had been using 7 on for a couple of years (albeit that I knew I could get no support), with the clear response that WL8 would simply not work for XP (at least for 8.02). This is fine, but I also discovered that WL7 was now not working on this same machine.

PG, I believe, advised me to uninstall and reinstall. I have now, much later, done this uninstall and reinstall several times and the install never recognizes the license and counted me down a couple of hours of usage, which have now run out. This is the same license dongle I was using before and that was updated to recognize 8 on my two newer Win7 machines (at 64 bit, whereas the XP machine was obviously at 32bit). The license still recognizes an existent version of WL7 that exists on at least one of these other two Win7 machines.

Because of testing that I am going to describe in another thread I am going to start right after I finish this post, I would like to be able to continue using this version of 7 for a bit, but the testing I have already done has used up what the computer apparently thinks is my demo time.

Any thoughts on how to re-enable WL7 on this machine? It would be useful to me for a while. I don’t have my original WL7 disc, but have been able to install using downloaded files…every install ran into the increasingly reduced time left, however, and now there is none. When the license query comes up, the USB stick does not seem to have the appropriate license for this machine. Do I need to connect it to the internet or somesuch? I don’t think I ever did that for this dongle, but it always worked even after I put 7 on other machines that were connected.

Any advice would be helpful. Having DDP burning capacity on this machine, as you will see from the next thread, would be helpful.

The license not being recognized is an issue of not having the latest eLicenser software installed. This needs to be up to date so your ‘newer than 7’ license is known by the authority checking for the right of usage.

That makes sense.

Will get that installed (either by hooking the machine up to the net, which it NEVER has been, or downloading the newer licenser and carrying it over on a thumb drive) tomorrow and report back.

Got to love Win 7 for the ability to put my working machines on the net safely.

Enough software madness for today (also been figuring out stuff with my video editing rig…time to get a drink, frankly, and I am not much of a drinking man these days)


Just to let all know that installing the latest eLincenser Control software on the old XP computer did, indeed, restore my WL7 license on that machine, so all is good.

Couldn’t remember how I had managed to totally disable internet on that machine (too much time on Win7 now), so had to carry the software over on a thumb drive.

Thanks again for the obvious tip.