Unable to Save Halion SE Presets

All of a sudden Cubase 7 stopped allowing me to save my Halion SE presets.
I have another Cubase version installed on my laptop and that has NEVER allowed me to save presets.
No big deal- I’ve been saving on my desktop and transferring.
As of this morning…cannot save on desktop either.

Anyone else having this problem?

2006 Mac Pro 1.1
16 GB
OS 10.7.5
Cubase 7 & 7.5
2008 Macbook Pro

Hi, i have full halion sonic 2 and cannot save presets or multis using the in built browser (on mac osx) only had this a few days and mailed support yesterday and have not had a reply yet, dissapointing?

Hey Rick- Were you able to save until a few days ago and then all of a sudden was unable to?
I’ve got both 7 & 7.5 installed on both a laptop and desktop.
As of a few days ago - I could save multis on the desktop in 7.5 but not in 7.
The reverse on the laptop.
Now all of a sudden - I can’t save anything on the desktop. Just happened out of nowhere.
The only thing I can think of- is that maybe the folder(s) I’m creating (in which I am saving my multis -all of which reside in the Presets/Steinberg Media Tech/Halion SE folder tree) are confusing the program.
That’s the ONLY thing that has changed since the install.
The only response I’ve gotten from Steinberg is more questions.
(what OS am I using? / how old is my computer? / what’s my favorite color.)
Seems like their just dodging my concern without answering me.

Please let me know if you hear anything and I’ll do the same.
Going full reinstall on Monday when I get back home.
Cheers A

One more thing - I AM able to save Prologue and Retrologue .vstpresets- just not HalionSE.

Hi, rang uk tech support, the guy remoted to my mac, fixed a permissison issue on the folder where the presets were supposed to be saving and the issue is now resolved, suspected permissions myself but had no idea on a mac where HS was trying to save to so i could look and fix it.
Suggest checking permissions for you also?


Problem Solved. After no luck with repairing disk permissions, a friend suggested that I trash the contents of the “preferences” folder. Deleted all the files (Boot Drive/user/Name/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7.5) and VOILA!!!
Saving once again. Now I’m wondering if this is a Mac problem or a Cubase issue.
Good luck!


Hi - I’m having a similar issue with not being able to save edited and renamed Halion SE presets. I purchased Steinberg’s UR44 which came with Cubase AI7 and Halion Sonic Se. Please help. I use an IMAC computer 2.7Ghz, 16 gig ram. Where on the IMAC are Halion Sonic’s presets saved?