Unable to save song in VST Live

Hi guys,
I’ve clicked on something in the save song option & now I’m unable to save my songs. I’m getting the error message “Sorry, Song Archive requires an empty page.”

Do you know how to switch that off please?


Hi @Andy_McKeller,

the message should be something like “Sorry, Song Archive requires an empty folder.” → “Empty folder” is the important one. The VST Live Archive operation needs an empty folder.

See you,

I found the solution in the messages tab in preferences & deleted it. Apparently I’d chosen to save all media files with the song. It’s working again now.

For future reference, what is the message trying to say? I’ve not used the archive function yet, so why is it saying I need an empty folder? I haven’t created one yet. What did I do wrong?


… ah, yes. Then you are using “VST Live / Menu / Song / Save Song…”, I see. A Song may have assets, like audio or video files. And if you save a song that way you may want that those assets will be “exported” and saved to your saved folder, too. Maybe you want to transfer this song to another computer.


Ok, so at the moment I’m making sure all the media files are already within the main project’s folders & I’m just copying the entire folder onto the laptop. So why was I getting the error message? It’s something I would like to use, at least VST Live would then know where the files are, which is why I’m using my current method. I’m not getting the option to choose a destination when I try to save the media files with the song, so why is it saying the archive folder needs to be empty? I didn’t create one.

Read through the posts and still don’t get it. That message only (!) appears if you use “Save Archive”. Just use “Save”, or “Save As”, no?

Ah, I’ve figured out what the problem was. If I choose to save the media files along with the song, I have to create a separate folder for that song to be saved into. This is why I’m getting the error message about the archive folder not being empty, I’m saving all my songs in VST Live’s ‘songs’ folder. When it tries to save the song’s assets, it’s seeing the other songs instead of an empty folder. So, I just need to create a folder for each song as I complete it & save it, which will be perfect for when I move the projects to my laptop ready for performing, VST Live will know where to look for everything.

Got there eventually, my bad.