Unable to Save: "The Project Is Corrupt!"


I have suddenly started getting rather alarming repeated and unresolvable popups when trying to save. The message reads:

The Project could not be saved because:
The project is corrupt!
No new project could be created

This happens every time I save. I work 8-10 hours a day with Nuendo and have never seen this before. Nothing on my system has changed. Track in progress is built on my standard template and has been loading/resaving for over two weeks. As things stand I am unable to save at all.

Nuendo version is 7.0.35 build 565 (64bit). Running on Windows 7 64bit.

Any help, desperately appreciated.


‘Save New Version’, ‘Save as Template’ and ‘Backup Project’ result in the same dialogue. Getting a little desperate …

Have tried saving to three different physical hard drives on this system - same dialogue every time.

Does anybody know if there is any way to do a global Export->All Tracks and include all project settings? Do I just need to select every single track/instrument and Export or is there more to it than that?

Somehow I need to find a way to salvage my track without losing the last few hours work, and also resolving whatever ‘corruption’ Nuendo is seeing. I’d be hugely grateful for any help or guidance.


Tried a complete track export, but I get a dialogue saying “The selected track types cannot be exported!”

Please, I’m begging here, can somebody give me a little help trying to resolve this nightmare.

Many thanks in advance …

First Try to export just one single track.
If this works then it is likely a track or file based problem.
Then you “just” have to try to find the track with the issue.
Export all other tracks and you may have to bounce or export the audio/midi from the track with issues.
Good luck

Mmmm … thanks for your help Erik.

Unfortunately the session is 2395 tracks in total (not all in use admittedly), so this could take some time.

I presume there’s no other way of resolving this. If my most recent Autosave loads ok, is there a risk of the project corrupting again? Would be really grateful for some feedback from the Steinberg gurus if possible.

Thanks again.


Do it in successively smaller chunks, just in case there aren’t that many tracks that are giving you problems. In other words, start by dividing your insanely large project into two halves, and export half of what you can. If that works then you know the problem isn’t there. If it doesn’t, try the other half. Same thing. Then proceed to cut any “half” that doesn’t work into another half and so on.

I know you probably think it’s an annoying thing to say, but this is exactly why having super-large projects is not such a good idea.

As opposed to “export” tracks, could you try “Import Audio Tracks From Project”? Again the goal would be to exclude as many variables as possible. Whatever you can transfer reduces the amount of channels with problems which should speed up troubleshooting.

I wouldn’t think so. But if it’s the project file that’s corrupted and you’re worried that just touching the backup would corrupt it then just duplicate it and open the duplicate instead.

Also, I find it useful to do increasing version numbers on my projects. So that if I’m working on a very simple commercial for example, my first project file would be called “Commercial 0.0”. In it I’d just have a basic state; aaf imported, tracks laid out the way I want it from templates etc. Then once I’ve edited the dialog I’ll save it as “Commercial 0.1”. After sound effects are added / edited “0.2” etc, until I have my first complete mix subject to approval by the client, which I then call version 1.0. This way every “milestone” in the project is traceable should I need to go back to an earlier state where I made a mistake, and in addition I have continuous versions that in a bigger projects give me bigger “safety buffer” than just the backup projects. If my current project vers 0.43 gets corrupted on a big mix I can go back to 0.42 instead and haven’t missed that much. And yes, I understand that it’s slightly overdoing it a bit, and I understand that maintaining the project folder becomes annoying, but it makes me feel a bit more ‘safe’…

Just for your consideration…

Hi Mattias

Thanks for your extremely helpful post.

I have found an autosaved project which loads without issue and is not missing too much in terms of recent additions to the project. So far it’s saved successfully so fingers crossed …

Like you, I save incrementally every time (1A, 1B etc.) so I always have backups which are reasonably recent. My bigger concern was having some kind of ‘cancerous’ corruption which might be present in earlier versions and then suddenly manifest itself when I go to save, as happened this morning.

Template size, whilst sometimes cumbersome is not untypical for composers who do a lot of orchestral/hybrid orchestral work. One of the reasons for switching from Logic to Cubendo a few years ago, was Steinberg’s ability to handle large sessions infinitely more elegantly than much of the competition.

Thanks again.


+1000 on incremental naming while saving. It has saved me more than once. I append an 01 beginning with the first save and never stop incrementing. Delete old ones as you care to. Disk space is tiny.

Def give your last Autosave a shot. Even if you have to go back a rev or 2, it’s not so much work, worst case.

Just ctrl+alt+s to save incrementally.

Excellent - I didn’t know that. So far restoring my last autosave has worked. Will see how things go today …