Unable to scroll down expression map

Hello all,

I’ve encountered this problem whereby if I go to Dorico’s Play Mode and open the Expression Maps tab, I’m unable to scroll down the Expression Map to adjust the settings which are currently blocked from view.

I’ve tried to condense the expression map (if you hover your mouse near the top a double-headed arrow symbol will appear, which you can use to vertically condense the tab) but it doesn’t work. This problem doesn’t occur for percussion maps.

Any tips would be greatly recommended!

JL, what’s your Display scaling set to? It looks a little big. You could try scaling it down to maybe 125%, at least long enough to access the windows you need.

This happens to me often, but at least for me the solution is simply to click on one of the maps and then I can scroll with the mouse wheel. Hope that helps!

Hello Dankreider, how do I change the display scaling?

Is there a scroll bar feature implemented for the Expression Maps?

Display Settings. Hit the Win key and start to type “Display.”

Thank you Dankreider! That worked perfectly!