Unable to select note with blank notehead

I followed instructions here in various threads to make a blank notehead set. All works fine, except whether I use two or three text spaces for the notehead I am unable to select it in either write or engrave mode. What to do?

What if you select the note or rest before and use the right arrow?


Now that works. It’s s bit subtle because when the arrow is move to the blank note there is nothing indicated on the score, but changing the notehead certainly works. Thanks.

Is there no way to select the blank text spaces that form the notehead with a mouse marquee ?

I guess if you zoom in enough or make more spaces in the notehead editor. But then it can take up too much space in the score. I use 3 spaces I think.


Edit: Or if you make a “rubber band” selection around it perhaps. Or click on the stem.

Actually a mouse marquee works in a small example project. It appears I messed up the notehead set in my fist attempt in my actual project.

That’s very easy to do.