Unable to select save / do not save option

Hi There,
Often when I want to save / unsave a session I get the question box. This is normal. Sometimes I do NOT want to save the session.

But sometimes I some situations I cannot make my choice for canceling or not saving the session. The mouse on the relevant window becomes an hourglass. I know it means that it is processing. I can’t click my choice of don’t save. Only the option “save” circled in blue. Which actions am I doing wrong or are just the ones that only allow “save”.

I do work with key shortcuts, a lot. I should normally also be able to select this option using the arrow keys within this window as well as in other programs. But why not in Dorico??? . Thank you for informing me about this.

This isn’t something that I can recall anybody reporting before. If you’re on macOS, you should be able to use Command-D to activate the Don’t Save button.

Hi Daniel. I have read the forums procedure and will forward a session to Steinberg support desk when encountering weird discrepancies :slight_smile: I was making a template. Dorico Elements 4 has no "save as a template option. I wanted to start over and could only “save”. Of course there was no writing to have a blank template. If I encounter such a situation again I will use your Command-D advice.Maybe there’s something wrong with my Mac keyboard. Thank you again Daniel for your support. Yannick