Unable to select text in text frames

I’m not able to select text with pencil or finger in text frames with Dorico for iPad version 5. However, I am happy that V5 has fixed the frequent crashing I was experiencing.

This is a known problem. It is due to a bug in the Qt framework. Steinberg are working with Qt to get it fixed as soon as they can.

I’ve updated to version 5.0.11 and still cannot select text in text frames or edit text objects.

Can you provide a bit more information, @guitarjig? Do you have a keyboard attached to your iPad? If so, then selecting the text and hitting Return should be sufficient to edit the text item.

I do not have a keyboard.
I’m using 1st gen iPad Pro and 1st gen Apple Pencil.
I can select text objects and move them around in engrave mode but cannot change characters or font …
I cannot select text in text frames.

Are you able to select the text frame itself?

I can poke on or around the text with finger or pencil and nothing is selected (for text frames)

The problem is that double-tapping on the score is not functional at present in the iPad version. This is something we are trying to fix at the moment.

OK, thanks for the information.

i guess this is the same for text entered in write mode, so anything requiring a double-click

I am able to invoke title, composer and lyricist tokens with numerous attempts of light tapping with finger in engrave mode (recent update). However this is very unconsistent, so I can say, it is practically non-functional now. Editing these texts directly in score is very useful on Ipad because it is possible to create 2 lines of title, composer and lyricist data below, to fake a subtitle such a way. Creating 2 lines in project info does not work on Ipad, and writing a dedication or subtitle in project info creates nothing in score.