"Unable to set desired sample rate" Message in Windows

I have a Windows, or cubase, or Audiodevice problem. I honestly think windows is the one messing it up here. but well maybe Im wrong.
I was working on a Mac computer that has now a video card issue, so I started using this PC, I have been using it for some time as backup computer, and this problems has come up a couple of times
Its extremely annoying
I have a different application to browse and audition recordings i then drag to cubase, and every time I use it it starts failing and offering me to change the sample rate etc etc
a mess.
I have always hated windows way to deal with audio devices etc. I wish there was a way to take control of that. It really does not bother me at all in Mac osx. I wish at least I could understand, I’m not a genius, but with the correct setting I can continue working. This problem has made me save projects versions just to avoid loosing detailed work because of the problem, that it has proved to be delicate , I mean… it will just set the not responding windows BS if you try to go around somehow…
I have realized now
that the problems occurs when I drag an audio file that is not the same sample rate as the project while Im auditioning another file of the group to continue working…if I stop the playback…it works perfectly
but well it does halt my productivity . Now that I know this I will be able at least to continue

If anyone has a solution it would make me very happy, and more focused
please help!
Thanks very much