Unable to shorten midi notes past 1/4 notes

Hi all,

Been having this problem ever since I upgraded to 9.5 Basically, it’s as it says - I can’t shorten my midi notes beyond 1/4 notes.
If I play in a piece that has 1/8ths, 1/16ths etc when I try to adjust them it jumps to 1/4 in length and I cant shorten them.
If i set my grid to 1/16ths and draw a note in using the pencil, it ‘snaps’ to 1/4 and no shorter.

It’s driving me mad! Any ideas?

Sounds like you have Length Quantise switched on. It would be in the toolbar of the Key Editor page. Look for a box with L in it. It may be hidden in which case click on the cogwheel on the far right of the toolbar and tick Length Quantise there to make it visible. I am guessing it will say 1/4 in there.


Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I’m not sure where you mean. I’ve attached a screen shot of my Key Editor page. Doesn’t seem to be anything to ‘switch on’ under ‘Length’.

I don’t know which version you’re on but imagine its similar for all. Look for a way to show more more items on your toolbar. Also look up Length Quantise. I’m not near my system to help further at the moment .

Hi Parrotspain, I’m using Artist 9.5. It appears I have all the items in the toolbar. When I draw a note in, the length defaults/snaps to I cant drag it any shorter, I have to either use the Length item or scissors to cut it down.

I am attaching two screenshots to help you. The second is taken from the Artist manual.

Ah! Thank you very much, can’t believe I missed that!