Unable to sign in to the Dorico forum

Although I can view the Dorico forum as a casual viewer (that is, without signing in), I am unable to sign in with my username and password on my M1 Mac mini. When I press the button to sign in I am presented with the Steinberg cookie page but no matter what choice I make there, I am taken back to the “normal” Dorico page for non-users rather than given an opportunity to type in my ID info. No matter how many times I try, I am always taken to the cookie approval page and then returned to the non-users Dorico page.

My mini is on the latest version of Mac OS 13 “Ventura” and I have tried opening my Safari browser in both native and rosetta modes with no difference between the two. This problem is recent on the Mac mini and does not exist on my older MB Pro running Mac OS 10.15 “Catalina”. Restarting the computer has had no effect. Has anybody else run into the same thing or have suggestions for a fix?

Maybe delete the cookies for steinberg?

Settings > Privacy > Manage Website Data – then search for steinberg.

I’ve certainly seen no problems on Ventura.

You could try another browser also.

Thanks @benwiggy and @arco. I tried deleting the cookies for Steinberg but unfortunately, that didn’t resolve the issue. Safari is the only browser currently on my mini and I am reluctant to download another, at least before trying to solve the problem for awhile longer. I will give Apple a call and see if they can help.

You have emptied the caches?

Yes, I emptied all of the caches related to Steinberg in Safari > Settings > Privacy > Manage Website data, but this didn’t help.

Out of interest, have you tried Handoff?

No, but I will have a look. Thanks.

Another idea, this would be the same as your normal Steinberg account, so does it work if you go to the normal Steinberg site and want to sign in to your account?
Or perhaps see what happens if you try another forum area, like WaveLab.
Presumably it is all the same sign in page but perhaps coming to it from a different direction will enable you to see then respond to it.

Do you have different settings for Safari (hide IP)?

Or Firewall?

(I do remember seeing your problem in the past if I remember correctly, it might have been with the Steinberg site too; just not sure what I did to clear it (could have involved reboots as well as whatever, but you have probably done this during your attempts.)