Unable to start Dorico 4

When I try to launch Dorico 4 on Windows 10, the Steinberg Activation Manager launches and asks me to sign in. I click the sign in button, and all that happens is I get a new line of text saying 'If you do not see the sign-in form in your browser, click the “Sign In” button again."

If I click it again, nothing happens. I don’t get a sign-in form, and Dorico won’t start.

How do I resolve this?

What’s your default system browser?

Do you have any anti-virus software that might be intercepting the Steinberg Activation Manager’s attempts to launch the browser?

Default browser is Vivaldi.
I’ve managed to get it working now, after rebooting a few times (I’d already rebooted once after installation, of course) - yes, I tried turning it off and on again! Looks like it’s an intermittent problem with Vivaldi, perhaps?

Glad to hear you’re up and running now.

We’ve tested the login process using Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox, so if you’re able to temporarily use one of those as your default system browser, you might find it more reliable.

I’ll make a note that we should investigate the Vivaldi browser.