Unable to transfer license to new computer

I am unable to transfer my Dorico Pro 2 license to a new computer. I am using software eLicensers. I see both eLicensers under My Products on the Steinberg website. It accurately shows my licenses on the old computer, and no licenses on the new computer. On neither old nor new computer do I see both eLicensers when I open the Control Center, so I can’t follow the ‘transfer an existing license’ help instructions. Entering the activation code for Dorico Pro 2 shown by the website in response to the prompt ‘enter activation code’ that appears when I run Dorico also does not work. I get the ‘no license to upgrade found. Please connect a USB-eLicenser which contains an appropriate license to upgrade to your computer.’ What am I missing?

Hopefully the procedure described here should work.

Thanks Daniel, that was helpful. Now back in business.

I would like to use Dorico on two computers on regular basis (one is MBP, one is iMac), not at the same time since it is used by me alone. This is possible by using software eLicense and by “Reactivation” in the online MySteinberg account. (I do not wish to use the “USB eLicense” route.)

Question: is there any limit to the number of reactivations?


That is not what Reactivation is made for. If you want to change the computer on which you’ll work with Dorico, for the time being the official and supported way is to install the e-licenser on an USB licenser key. We know that it’s going to change in a not-so-far but not-so-soon future, but in the meantime, Reactivation is meant for damaged computers, new ones, or so…
If you need a license for some days on a new computer, I suggest using a trial license :wink:

I understand the working of USB eLicense, which I agree is more suitable for switching Dorico on different computers. But I really don’t like to use a USB dongle (many reasons…). I’ve also been using the trial license which becomes valid again with any new update.

I’m really curious, so back to my original question, is there any limit to the number of Reactivation in the MySteinberg account? If there is no limitation (I hope), then it can be used for conveniently switching computers.

That information is not advertised. Presumably there is some sort of limitation.

There certainly is a limitation, though as Leo says it is not advertised. I would strongly advise against this course of action as you will run into the limit pretty quickly.

Would there be any special price if I just buy another new license (same owner, second copy) in order to use on another computer? Since I have already used up my original Sibelius license for the crosssgrade purchase of Dorico (in 2016, the beginning), can the second license be offered at least at the crossgrade price?

I’m afraid we don’t have any special pricing for buying additional licenses, and I would advise against buying a second license as you’ll then have to buy updates for two licenses if you want to update to a future version of Dorico.