Unable to transpose a minor 2nd upp

Picture attached. This seems like a pretty significant bug… not sure why this is happening.

It’s dependent on what’s selected. It’s absolutely literal, so if, for instance you have a selection that includes a chunk of Bbminor then it’s not going to let you transpose up to Cb minor. This is by design.

Transpose in sections (dividing each time there’s a new key signature) and make use of the calculator on the right side of the dialog.

Ugh. That makes sense, but it’s really annoying. In that case the interface is just really not very user-friendly.

If the order was Direction, Interval, and then Quality it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. But right now it’s totally unintuitive.

I also get thrown off by the order of Quality, Interval and Direction in the transpose dialog. We say “perfect fifth” but I think it would make more sense to choose a 5th, and then specify the quality afterwards.

I guess I’d be inclined to agree on this one as one of a few examples of how things operate in Dorico which are perfectly logical when you understand them but leave novices scratching their heads, particularly because other software does them differently.

I myself would only criticise when either a) the method is not consistently implemented which I don’t think is the case here or b) although it works consistently, the method is so totally unintuitive that it’s very hard to get it to stick in the mind. This can be debated but I’m happy enough with the logic. I get the impression that the calculator is underused – and I count myself as having been in that category when new to Dorico.

I’m quite certain we already had this conversation, so the team knows. Had this window been created by a French, Italian or Spanish fellow, the order of the different bits would have been more user-friendly. I guess this is one (more) proof that language leads how we think, and sometimes it can be very useful to speak different languages to widen the thinking process.
Of course, if you use the little transposing tool provided in the Transpose editor, there’s no problem. I admit I never use it, because I usually know what I’m asking this tool for…