Unable to transpose a tritone up

I have a piece with multiple key signatures that I want to transpose en-masse up a tritone.
But the Write–>Transpose menu doesn’t seem to allow this interval?
I can’t even calculate the interval over on the right (the “apply” button doesn’t light up).
Is this a limitation of Elements?
(Screenshot for now as I don’t think the entire file is necessary for this one. But happy to upload if requested.)

This dialog is extremely literal. You either transpose by an augmented fourth or you transpose by a diminished fifth, but you can’t select a passage that contains multiple key signatures and expect Dorico to transpose each section at a tritone and use its best judgement as to whether to use flats or sharps. This is common to all flavours of Dorico.

You’ll need to transpose each section separately, alternating as necessary between an augmented fourth and a diminished fifth.

Awesome. Thanks for clarifying, pianoleo!

It transposes the key, but not the pitches up? That seems odd.

It looks like you’ve only selected the key signature. You’ll need to select whatever you want Dorico to transpose.

Ah ok.

Thanks, it worked this time.
It guess it makes sense, if you just wanted to change the key signature and leave the notes where they are.

Thanks again for your prompt response. Much appreciated.

Something’s still not right. I think I’m getting the pitches transposed, but the accidentals weren’t retained.

SOLVED: I needed to select “retain accidental visibility”–wasn’t sure what that meant at first.

If you undo and then have another go, but with the “Keep accidental visibility properties” option ticked, does that make a difference?
That might be what it’s all about, Alfie :wink: