Unable to unlink copied rhythmic notation regions

I have two sections that are rhythmically the same, so after writing the chords out (in normal notation), I copied this section to another section. The first time, they should be in rhythmic (slash) notation. The second time, however, they should be normal notation. However, when I edit one or the other regions to either slash or normal, it affects and changes BOTH regions, which I don’t want. How do I avoid this?
Thanks :smiley:
In the attachment, the seven-bar section starting from bar 37 should be slashes. This was the section I copied to the Coda. However, the first seven bars of the Coda, should be normal notation.

I think the problem is that you use the options under Voices > Rhythmic Slashes, rather than Voices > Change Voices. Is that right? The first option changes the type of the whole voice, while the second options moves your music to another voice. I’ve seen quite a few people tripped up by this, so I wonder if the submenu should be renamed to ‘Voice type’ or something similar.

You’re exactly right, andgle. Thanks!