unable to unsolo issue

hello i just upgraded from cubase 6 and issue im having when loading certain(not all) cubase 6 projects up is if i solo a track on project window, than click solo again it mutes that track and all other tracks remain muted rather than unmuting all tracks when i unsolo like it it did in cubase 6. To unmute everything i have to now click on the unmute all solo states button at the top of screen which is super annoying. is there a way to fix this?

That’s not usual behaviour for sure, it works here as you expect it.

Trash prefs/try safe start and see what happens as a first attempt of fixing the issue. Possibly your current version took over the preferences from Cubase 6 on installing and some kind of automatic mess was created with all sorts of byproducts.

thanks tried reinstall, trashing prefs…still no luck but after some testing/digging as well as on a fresh computer that never had cubase, i narrowed down the issue and it seems it has nothing to do with my previous version of cubase, It is cubase 9.5 and happens when there is mute automation on a instrument track.

Lets say If I open a new cubase 9.5 project add couple audio tracks and a instrument track with a vst. Add mute automation to the instrument track. Now solo say one of the audio tracks somewhere on the timeline where the instrument track is not muted, than unsolo the audio track i get this annoying behavior. Is this how cubase 9.5 now works? It makes no sense…is there a way to change this behavior?

anyone? others notice same issue?