Unable to update to Cubase 12 after PC crash

Hey everyone.
I think that everyone who bought any version of Cubase after 11.21 up to the day of release of C12, should get a free update to their corresponding Cubase version no matter if they activated a license in that period or not. What’s with this “if you activated a license than your elegible to upgrade” nonsense? I paid for my version of Cubase on 02.22 and I should be able to upgrade to C12. My pc broke down and the license went with it, so now I’m not entitled to an upgrade?
I was about to buy PRO, but if this is the way Steinberg treats us…???
Who’s with me?

Please what are you talking about? If you have a Cubase artist or Pro 11 license, you did not lose it, and if it’s an Elements LE, or AI license you have, it can be reactivated.

Reactivate the license in your account, or use Steinberg Zero Downtime to report a lost dongle.

Hello, thanks for your reply. I reactivated the license and I installed everything on a new pc. I tried everything the forum or the guides suggest on how to upgrade to C12…but I can’t upgrade.

Maybe it’s because I reactivated the license after the C12 was released and now I’m inelegible for upgrade?


Sorry for being so anoying but why can’t I upgrade? if by reactivating the license today I didn’t loose my elegibility to upgrade?
Any help would be much appreciated since I have hours and hours sitting in front of PC and trying to figure out this.

You did not lose anything. Please.

At this point my suggestion would be to postpone doing your update until later this week. There are topics discussing this, and you can search for them, but this might ben something the company has to deal with, and that will happen after the weekend.

Thank you very much for your help Steve. God bless.