Unable to update to Dorico 5

I own Dorico 4.
Trying to update from Dorico 4 to Dorico 5

  • On entering code I get the message that there is no Dorico 4 to update.
  • On trying to reinstall Dorico 4 message says my code is used by another user.
  • My Steinberg account shows no products have been purchased.
  • I have owned and used Dorico since it first released.
    Please help.

Welcome to the forum, @VinHowe. I’m sorry you’re having problems! I’ve checked your account, and it looks like Dorico Pro 4 is correctly activated in your account. Is it possible that you have more than one Steinberg ID, and that you’re trying to activate your update having signed in with a different Steinberg ID? You need to sign in using the email address where your Dorico Pro 4 license is activated.

Yes. That was it Daniel. You are brilliant. Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work on Dorico.

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