Unable to Upload Image to Dorico Users' Forum

I have read others’ posts for well over 10 minutes, but am still unable to upload little screen shots (72dpi jpeg or png) to illustrate things.

I can’t upload project files because they are too big and for © reasons.

When I try to upload an image file, it seems to upload, and then I get the message:

Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

Does anyone know a way of correcting this?

Have you tried just dragging the file into the edit window?

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I’ll try that k_b. Thank you.

Thanks for the link Derrek.

If you are running browser extensions that are focused on privacy and limiting tracking, those extensions can sometimes interfere with the proper operation of some web applications, including Discourse. For example, in Firefox I was having problems uploading files to the forum because of an extension I am running called ClearURLs. Details here:

You might want to review the extensions you are using in your browser.

Thanks for the tip dspreadbury :slight_smile:

I traced this issue to Privacy Possum Firefox plugin. It seems Steinberg will not allow users to upload images to the forum if they use Privacy Possum protection.