unable to use activ code

activation code displays that it is "Cubase Artist 7 Update from Cubase Artist 6 " but after selecting “continue” it states that license is invalid .
Just attempted install after purchasing a year ago


Do you have Cubase Artist 6 on your plugged USB-eLicenser? Isn’t it Cubase Artist 6.5?

The install DVD is labeled Cubase Artist 7 thus confused by act code ;also kit did not contain eLicenser
Using Windows 7 OS - paid considerable money to Musician Friends, Kansas City,MO
Sounds like I may have missed upgrade(s) and possible product issue ???
Attempted to use USB stick to no avail - Appreciate your time - Glad to answer any questions

After some further investigation found that eLicense was required - Duhh
Will return and present findings after ordering eLicense