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I don’t know if this has been covered in another post, but I’m not exactly sure what to look for. I’m creating a set of three parts and a percussion score for a concert, and I need to get parts out early next week, so I’m on a strict deadline. I created a custom page template by editing the existing “First” template so I could use custom fonts for the title, composer, etc. that roughly match the existing set of orchestra parts. However, whenever I try to add it to the first page, it duplicates the material on the second page. This is very frustrating because it cuts off the material before the page break. The end of the flow essential disappears from view. I don’t understand why this is happening. I should also note that I want two flows to fit on one page for all of these parts, so it could be issues arising from using multiple flows. I’ve attached the file if anyone wants to retrace my steps.
Brahms Hungarian.dorico (799.4 KB)

I’m a little confused about what you want exactly? When I open your file there doesn’t seem to be any material that is duplicated from one page to the other. Also, it appears that both flows have a final bar i.e. the entirety of each flow is visible.

The first thing you can do is, if you want two flows on a page, go to Layout Options>Page Setup>Flows>New flows>Allow on existing page.

The second thing is:

You have edited the actual first page, rather than the First Page Template (hence the red triangle on page 1 at the top of the right panel).

If you want to adjust the actual template, you need to double-click the First Page Template in the right panel.

On your Part Template, you somehow created a new Frame Chain (MW) which is causing the disconnect between the First and subsequent pages. Edit the First Template and put it back to the MA chain.

As for the Score, you have made all the edits locally instead of the Template giving you a lot of page overrides. I’m not sure if that was deliberate.


I copied your Part Template to your Score Template and fixed up your Frame Chains.
Maybe this will help you firm things up.

Brahms Hungarian (edit).dorico (1.2 MB)

I uploaded the file without applying the template I want so that people could try adding it themselves.

And yes, I’m fine with using overrides for the score. It’s for a one-time project, and it’s faster to override the existing template rather than redesign one that I’ll never use again.

Ah, that would explain it. Thanks for helping!

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