unable to use halion symphonic 16 in C6_64

i realized that i could not find the equivalent of certain patches from halion symphonic in the banks from Halion SE.
for example, a percussion ensemble (mixture of several sounds).

then i tried to import a composition done originally in C5 (32bit) on win xp pro
loaded it in win 7pro_64 C6_32bit : no problem! halion symphonic load and play as expected.
but, when i load it in C5_64, i can’t get the halion symphonic to work.
it tells me it can’t load the samples, and i can’t load my custom banks.

i just tried to start a new project in C6_64 and opened halion symphonic - same thing.
i can’t import sounds!

Anyone with a clue, please?

this is the message i get trying to load ensemble percussion in HSO 1.5 in C6_64:

some audio file(s) could not be found (172 samples).
the content file seems to be broken.

however, it loads perfectly in C6_32.

i must be missing some kind of file, somewhere, but i can’t figure out what it is (and i really tried :slight_smile:

any guru out there?

problem solved.
i found the answer in the halion symphonic forum:

when trying to load a sound, i needed to load all of them first:
options/locate content/select one, then control A/open.

everyting is cool now.