Unable to use more than 1 sound

First of all apologies if my terminology isn’t clear, I am a complete beginner. I’ve just bought a Yamaha MX88 and I’ve downloaded the Cubase LE AI Elements 11.

I set up a midi track (MIDI 1) and record with a sound from the the MX piano section. Once I set up a new track (MIDI 2) and attempt to use a sound from the MX Strings section for example, the sound in my first track (MIDI 1) also changes to the strings. So in short I’m struggling to use different sounds on different tracks. Can anyone help please?


hi arajyaguru91

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you are going to need to read the manual for the MX88 - look at page 33/34 of the English manual

look at how you can use different sounds on different midi channels…

good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll take a look