Unable to use the Padshop Pro on retina display.


I have recently purchased the Padshop Pro VST plugin, however I cannot use it on Retina display Macbook Pro. The UI of Padshop Pro display correctly however somehow the controls are shifted in the view and do not respond. There are many plugins that work normally, however it is impossible to control the UI of Padshop Pro on retina display.


As part of the new MacBook Pro product range, Apple also released a MacBook Pro with a Retina display which offers a much higher display resolution (2880x1800) than previously offered. Any applications that are supposed to support the native resolution of the new displays need to be adapted accordingly. Our programs are currently not able to support the resolution but this is considered for upcoming releases.

If you intend to use e.g. Cubase 6/Cubase 7 on a Retina display MacBook Pro, it can happen that the graphical user interface (GUI) cannot be operated properly and it might not even be possible to select certain elements at all.

  • Quit the application if it is currently open
  • In the Finder, choose “Applications” from the “Go menu”
  • In the applications folder, select the application’s icon and press Command+I to open the information window
  • Check “Open in Low Resolution” to enable the low resolution mode.
  • Close the window and double click the application to reopen it.

Now, it should be possible to operate the application properly again.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for reply, I use Pad Shop pro in Logic Pro X. It is currently fine, almost all AU plugins do not have a double resolution UI. However AU plugins run fine on retina display mac book pro. Even the native Logic Pro X plugins such ES2 do not offer double resolution, however the plugin UI in all my third party plugins are operable.

It is fine Padshop Pro not having double resolution UI, the problem is that the plugin is not operable, while all other third party AU plugins do not present this issue.

It would be great at least release an update to fix this problem, not having double resolution is fine if the UI is operable.

Thanks again.

Any news on this issue?

It seems the AU versions don’t get installed by installing Cuabse 7.5? I only had the VST3 versions of Paqdshop/Retrologue in Cubase 7.5, but no AU versions in Live, Reaper etc…

Just this morning I installed the Updates, which install the Mac OS X AU versions of Padshop and Retrologue.

However, I can NOT operate neither Retrologue nor Padshop on my MacBook Pro Retina. ALL OTHER AU’s dont have this issue.

Any news on a fix for Padshop/Retrologue?

Any feedback?

How about ALL OTHER VST’s?

I’m not aware of any vst not working properly.